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Build and develop your own city, compete with other players, and earn $CITY game tokens!
The first game in the Build-to-Earn genre
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In a world plagued by crises and disasters, City Holder offers you the chance to build your own future. Create and manage your city, earn tokens for in-game activity, and simply enjoy the experience! Our $CITY token will soon be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges, providing even more opportunities.

The game is currently in development phase, so follow our social media to stay updated and not miss the launch. Hurry to lay the first stone of your city and be among the most active holders!
Why players around the world are awaiting CITY Holder
Your Own City
You build and develop your city, which brings you income and new opportunities
Strategy and Balance
You decide which buildings to construct and upgrade to attract as many residents as possible to your city
Competition with Other Players
Climb the rankings and leagues by competing with players from around the world
$CITY Token Drops
Earn $CITY token drops for in-game achievements.
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